STN - Site Administration Tools (SAT)

The "STN Site Administration Tools (SAT)" allow STN customers to administrate features of their access to the STN Full-Text Solution, to STN on the Web via IPAA, STN Easy for Intranets etc.:

  • CAS Full Text Solution: Administration of CAS Full Text Options and Inhouse Library Options for all STN Interfaces
  • STN on the Web via IPAA: Administration of IP Controlled Access/Authorization, User Data and Statistics
  • STN Easy for Intranets: Setup of IP Controlled Access/Authorization, Interface Customization Options, Alerts, etc.

Further details on the administrator options, rights, and duties are given in the individual helps of each STN SATool.

For each of these tools a "Site Administrator" has to be nominated by the individual company/institution. Each tool may be administrated by the same or different persons. Prior to taking over the function as an administrator, this person needs to complete a request form, available in the navigation frame on the left, and fax it to the FIZ Karlsruhe Customer Service (+49 7247 808 136).

Please note: Any changes in the STN Site Administration Tool will always affect all login IDs of the corresponding account(s).